Providing Family Child Care Services - Ventura, CA

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Click on the Pre-Registration Form button to fill out an online questionnaire and information form before scheduling an interview.  This is important information for me to have and will save us time!


  • "Vanessa, Thank you for being such a great daycare provider. I was very nervous about leaving Jax when we first started coming but was quickly put at ease. You are such a carin..."
    Jessica B
    Parent of Jaxon ~ Previous client, moved away.
  • "I am grateful to you and your family for all of the love and attention you've given to Noah... Noah has been comfortable and loved in your home and it is impossible to put a ..."
    April N
    Parent of Noah ~ Current Drop-In Client


Helping Hands Childcare is pleased to accept children from 6 weeks to 5 years however older children may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  I am licensed by the State of California to care for a total of eight children, my own children over the age of 10 years do not count towards my ratio.  If you are interested in having your child become a part of our group you can Contact Us for more information.  If you are submitting an online contact form please make sure to include your child's date of birth and childcare schedule needed so that I can determine your needs and accurate quote.

First Contact = Give me a call or send me an Email!

When you first contact me it is is typically a phone call or email for you to ask general questions about my daycare and to get a quote (rate information is also posted on our website HERE).  I have no problem sharing my rates over the phone.  I will need the number of days of child care you will need and the schedule you will need for each day as well as your child's age and date of birth (to make sure I stay within ratios).  If you like the information that you have heard so far then we would schedule an interview, which would be the second contact. 

Second Contact = Interview

This interview is scheduled during a time when there are no other daycare children present so that I can focus on you and your family without any distractions.  During this time you will tour my home, can ask questions and get to know me as a childcare provider better.  

It is important that all parents as well as all children that may be enrolled be present during this time.  This is an opportunity for me to get to know your children and family and to discuss and confirm your childcare needs.  It is also a great opportunity for your child to meet me and see the space so that if your child joins our group your child will already be familiar with me and my home and feel more comfortable.  If all of the important decision makers and children cannot attend the scheduled interview I highly recommend that you call to reschedule the interview on a day when all can attend.

If all goes well you can schedule a short "play-date" which is the third contact. 

NOTE:  I cannot emphasize the importance of having all of the important decision makers attend this interview enough.  I have previously had the unfortunate experience of having one adult attend the interview and absolutely love me and my daycare and sign up only to later have friction with another adult who is cautious and not as excited over the child care situation because the setting or arrangement wasn't what they were looking for.  This makes for a VERY stressful relationship for me and your family!!  Sometimes this situation happens with parents and guardians and sometimes it's grandma, auntie or an older sibling.  Please bring them along to the interview if their opinion carries weight in your decision and if they may be picking up and dropping your child off even on occasion!

Third Contact = Play Date

A second face-to-face meeting will be scheduled for one parent and your child to return during daycare hours.  This meeting is a play date and is approximately 30-45 minutes long.  This is an opportunity for your child to see me again which is a great chance to become more comfortable to seeing me.  Your child will also get a chance to meet the other daycare children and to explore the space.  You, the adult, will have an opportunity to see how I interact with the children and to see how your child does in the new environment. 

It is important that not only you, as a parent, feel comfortable with my daycare but that your child feel comfortable in the environment, with me and with the other children.  It is also important that the other daycare children feel comfortable with your child and that there is a goodness of fit overall for everyone involved.  

Enrollment Forms AKA Parent Packet

Once you have made the decision to to have your child join our group you can Contact Us to have a Parent Packet emailed to you or you can download the forms from this page.  This packet has the required forms necessary to enroll your child into the daycare.

Before I can assume the responsibility of caring for your child you must return all of the necessary forms.  Please take your time to read and understand my Policies before filling out and signing any forms.  The Policies have been created for the safety of the children and to help us create a great parent/provider relationship.

It is important for me that you understand that I am not your employee, I am a business owner.  I run a business with policies that are meant to be followed in order to create a positive partnership between you and I.  You as the parent must decide whether you agree with those policies, whether the daycare meets your needs and whether or not to enroll.  Read all of the documents in the Parent Packet and fill out all of the forms only if you agree with the terms.  

Fourth Contact=Return of Enrollment Packet & Deposit

Once your Parent Packet is completed you can Contact Us to schedule a time for you to come back and return the packet.  In my Handbook you will find a list of infant and toddler supplies that you must also provide.  I provide much of what your child will need throughout the day but some supplies are needed from home (extra clothing, diapers, wipes etc.).  You may bring these supplies at this time if you wish.  During this meeting I will review your forms and once everything is in order you will pay the two-week deposit, first week of care and we will fill out a blank contract and we will both sign it.

I look forward to meeting with you and hope that you enjoy our daycare!!