At A Glance:

Full-Time (4-5 days)  $200/wk

Part-Time (3 days)     $150/wk

Part-Time (2 days)     $110/wk

Drop-In Full Day       $65/Day 

Drop-In Hourly          $7.50/Hour

*Full & Part-time rates are charged on a flat weekly rate which is based on enrollment, not on attendance.  Discounts are not given for child absences. 

*Weekly tuition is due no later than 6:00 p.m. on your child’s last day of attendance for the week.

Rate Information

At Helping Hand Childcare my goal is to offer quality child care.  Many hours are spent regularly on education, training, planning and organizing to create an environment that helps me achieve that goal.  While  I may not have the lowest rates my rates reflect the value of my services.  
My rates include:

  • Curriculum
  • Materials
  • Most supplies
  • Meals

  • Staff/Substitutes
  • Provider CPR certification
  • Provider training
  • Provider vaccine boosters

Full-Time Rates

Full Time rates include meals and are charged on a flat weekly rate.  

The rate is for either 4 or 5 days of attendance per week and based on a set schedule with a maximum of 10 hours per day and a maximum of 50 hours per week.

Full-Time: $175.00 per week.  Same schedule each week. 

** Add $1.75 for every 30 minutes to the base rate if more than 10 hours per day and/or more than 50 hours per week is needed.

Part-Time Rates

Part Time rates include meals and are charged on a flat weekly rate.

Part-Time 3 days a week: $135.00 per week

The rate includes meals and is based on a 10 hour day and 30 hours per week.

Part-Time 2 days a week: $100.00 per week

The rate includes meals and is based on a 10 hour day and 20 hours per week. 

** Add $3 for every 30 minutes to the base rate if more hours are needed.

*Based upon availability and is first-come-first-serve.  Offered weekdays.


Drop-in full day:  $60

10 hours per day by reservation.

Drop-in hourly: $7/hr

Pay by the hour by reservation.  4 hour minimum.

*Based upon availability and is first-come-first-serve.  Offered weekdays between 8am-6pm.  Full payment is required to make a reservation. 

Early/Late Hours

Early/Late Hours Care = $8/hr  
Care before 7am or after 6pm Monday through Friday may be available at an hourly rate by appointment only.
*Based upon availability and is first-come-first-serve.  Offered weekdays.  Full payment is required to make a reservation. 

Weekend Care

Weekend Care = $8/hr  
Care on Saturdays or Sundays is offered by appointment only.  There is a minimum of four hours.
*Based upon availability and is first-come-first-serve.  Offered weekends.  Full payment is required to make a reservation. 


Sibling Discounts: No sibling discounts are given at this time.  Please understand that all children are given the same level of care therefore it would be unfair to our other clients of single children if we offered clients with multiple children a discount.

Absences: Clients pay for ANY day(s) their child misses child care for any reason.

Daycare Closings: Except for Holidays, any days that the daycare closes (such as a child care provider illness, vacation, personal day, training days etc.) will be discounted from your next weeks' tuition.  In other words, if you miss daycare for any reason of your own you still pay but if I close then you don't pay.

All Full/Part-time clients are required to pay for holiday days when the daycare is closed if it falls on one of their contracted schedule days.   Families may not switch days to prevent from being charged.  

Other Fees

  • Security Deposit:  Full/Part-time clients only, $350.
  • Early Drop Off Fee:  $6 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof).
  • Late Pick-Up Fee:   $6 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof).
  • Returned Check Fee:  $35 + any additional fees incurred. 
  • Late Payment Fee:  $10/day, childcare is suspended until full payment made.

Contracted Schedules

All full and part-time clients are required to adhere to their contracted schedules.  Late arrivals don't allow for late-pickups, meaning if you arrive late to drop-your child off your child must still be picked up at their normal scheduled time.  There are no discounts given for absences.  Any drop-offs before or pick-ups after your scheduled contracted times will be billed accordingly.  For example, if your contracted pick-up time is 4:00 p.m. and your child is not picked up and out of the daycare until 4:15 p.m.you will be considered late and billed accordingly.

Teachers Looking for Child Care...

Over the course of my business I have had many inquiries from parents that are teachers. I find that most do not want child care during school breaks or during the summer. I have a limited amount of openings and it is my goal to operate at maximum capacity at all times.  I would lose income during school breaks and because of this I do not offer a discount to clients that are teachers during the times that they are off of work for school breaks and summer.  

My rates are paid weekly regardless of attendance.   I understand that the way I structure my rates may not be ideal for teachers and if this is the case I recommend that you continue to research other options through other child care providers.

State Funded Clients

I gladly accept clients that have child care tuition payment assistance (subsidy) such as payments from Child Development Resources (CDR) and Children's Home Society of California (CHS).  

Please be aware that subsidy programs may require a client to pay a co-payment to the child care provider.  They also sometimes don't cover all of my tuition fees. 

Subsidy programs only cover a certain number of absences, my 2-week security fee or penalty fees (late pick-up, late payment and returned payment fees).   All fees that are not covered by the state agency must be paid by the client.

*Rates are subject to change without notice.  Please contact us to verify the current rates and fees.  Rates last updated February 2017.