The Essence of our Daycare

Our mission is to provide a quality, safe, nurturing and developmentally challenging environment for young children ages birth to before they enter Kindergarten.  To stimulate every child's emotional, physical and cognitive development through a balance of child and adult led play.

Program Principles

Our program is based on the following child development principles:


  • Respect for children
  • Support children in learning
  • Absorbent mind: children educate themselves
  • Children have periods where they learn specific skills more easily, each child's sensitivity period is unique
  • Children learn more easily in an environment where they can do for themselves

RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers)

  • Respect for infants, treating them as unique human beings
  • Ensuring that infants feel secure, autonomous, competent, and connected
  • Trusting infants by helping only enough to allow them to enjoy mastery of their own actions
  • Observe to understand the infant’s communications and needs,  teach less, and provide an environment for learning instead
  • Providing interacting, cooperation, intimacy and mutual enjoyment during diapering, feeding, dressing, etc. so that the infant is an active participant 
  • Providing a safe, challenging and predictable environment 
  • Giving time for uninterrupted play and freedom to explore
  • Establishing clear limits and expectations to develop discipline 

These principles are embodied in the curriculum and general environment.  My instruction delivery revolves around learning areas and responsive interactions.  Opportunities are provided for the children to acquire skills and concepts involving, problem solving, decision making, questioning, evaluating and discovery. 


The goals of our program is to help children:

  • develop a positive self-concept
  • achieve intellectual growth
  • enlarge his/her world of people, experiences, ideas, and things
  • increase skills in oral language, literacy, writing, listening, and thinking
  • increase skills in physical coordination, both gross and fine motor skills
  • increase competence in dealing with emotional feelings and social situations
  • increase competence in self-direction and independence
  • develop cooperative, trusting relationships
  • develop his/her natural curiosity and his/her creative potential
  • develop self discipline
  • develop a love of learning.

Quick, Close, Easy

Conveniently located in East Ventura

Convenient location in East Ventura near an abundance of local parks, elementary and middle schools, freeways, public transit and the Ventura County Government Center.

Elementary schools within 4 miles:  Portola, Juanamaria, Junipero Serram Mound & Balboa.
Parks within 2 miles:  Ventura Aquatic Center, Barranca Vista, Montolvo Hill, Junipero Serra, Chumash, Juanamaria & Thille.  
2 minutes from the 126 freeway at Kimball Rd & 3 minutes from the 101 freeway at Johnson Dr.


We meet or exceed the state standards

We go above an beyond the mandatory state standards in many areas.   The child care provider diligently works hard to improve the program by taking college courses, workshops and training in child development/early childhood education and by identifying areas for improvement.  Although California does not recently require any type of formal training in family child care I voluntarily seek out educational growth opportunities and use a variety of tools  and resources to provide a quality child care program for families.  I create my own higher standards for my program.

We never have more than a total of 8 children under the age of 10 including the child care provider's own children.  All adults living in the home or working directly with the children pass a background check, are tested for TB, are fully vaccinated, have up-to-date training in infant/child/adult CPR and first aid & receive mandated reporter training. 

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