2016 W-10's

W-10 Forms for the previous year are given out no later than Jan 31st.

Previous Years

If you are in need of a W-10 Form for years prior to 2016 please contact me to see if one can be made available. 

About the Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit

If you pay someone to care for your child you may be able to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit on your federal income tax return. 

Do not confuse this with the Child Tax Credit.  They are two different credits that you may be able to claim.  One is a credit for paying for child care while the other is a credit that families are allowed simply because they have children. Make sure to check to see whether you can claim both.

Year End W-10 & Child Care Payment Statements

Ordinarily, families must supply their child care provider with a blank W-10 Form and must calculate their own end-of-year child care payments.  I like to make convenient therefore I fill out, print and distribute W-10 Forms to my clients with the total amount of child care tuition paid for the previous year.  W-10 Forms for the previous year are given out no later than Jan 31st. 

Families can also request a Year-End Payment Statement if you desire.  W-10 Forms and Year-End Payment Statements can be delivered to you in the method that you prefer either as a hard-copy given in person (printed), delivered through postal mail or emailed as a PDF file.  Once the documents are received I recommend looking at the total amount on the W-10 Form that I give you and compare that amount with your own records to ensure that the amounts match and are correct.  Extra copies of the completed W-10 Form for previous years may be available year-round and can be given to clients as a courtesy however is not guaranteed.  Simply request one from me and I can check to see if one can be made available.  

Withdrawn Children

If your family was enrolled at Helping Hands Childcare during the previous calendar year and has since been withdrawn a completed W-10 Form is mailed to the address listed according to my records.  If you are a parent of a withdrawn child of our program and you did not receive a mailed W-10 Form please Contact Us so that one can be distributed to you.  

*Please note that records for withdrawn children are only kept for three years from the date of the child's withdrawal.  If requesting end-of-year statements or W-10 forms for previous years which go further than three years we may be unable to accommodate your request.