Parent Packet

The following documents are the standard forms and documents included in my enrollment packet which I call the "Parent Packet".  The forms included are required to be filled out completely and returned before a child can begin care.  

A Parent Packet can be emailed to you for your review at any time.  A hard copy (printed documents) will be given to you once you decide to enroll your child.

Yours To Keep

The following documents are informational and for you to keep.  Read them carefully and keep them in an accessible place for future reference. 

Required Forms

Licensing requires forms to be kept in each child's file.  In addition to those forms I have additional forms required to be filled out before I will enroll a child.  


One of the following contracts per child:

Full/Part-Time clients fill one form out for each child.
This becomes the child's contracted schedule of child care hours. 

About Me (Your Child's Profile)
Physician's Report 

Other Forms

The following forms are additional forms that may need to be filled out only if they apply to your situation.  If your situation applies then these forms are also required. 

Vaccination Exemption

If you choose not to vaccinate your child due to medical reasons (personal beliefs are no longer accepted by the state of CA) this form must be filled out by a professional health care provider. 

Parent Withdrawal Form

If you choose to withdraw your child from my daycare you must fill out this form and return it with a minimum of two weeks notice.