Helping Hands Childcare is pleased to accept children from 6 weeks to 5 years.  I am licensed by the State of California to care for a total of eight children, my own children under the age of 10 years count towards my ratio.  If you are interested in having your child become a part of our group you can Contact Us for more information.

The process is as follows:

#1.  First Contact

When you first contact me it is is typically a phone call or email.  We go through general information about the days and hours of care that you need, the age of your child (to ensure that I will be staying within ratios) and any other general questions that you may have including rate information.  I have no problem sharing my rate over the phone.  Regular rates are also posted HERE).  

In order to give you an accurate rate we need to be provided with your child's date of birth and the child care schedule you will require.  When providing your child care schedule include:  

  • the number of days you will need:  if the days you will need will vary from week to week the highest number of days you might need will determine your base rate.  
  • a drop-off and pick-up time for each day.  Make sure to consider and to leave enough time for your commute and factor in time for possible traffic.

#2.  Interview

After getting all of the basic information about Helping Hands Childcare you can set up an interview.  We will schedule an hour block which will be scheduled during non-childcare hours.  I schedule the first interview during a time when there are no children present for many reasons.  

The first is so that I can focus on you and your family without any distractions.  

The most important reason is because the children are my first priority and their safety is my first concern.   I prefer to meet a family first before allowing them into my home around the children.   

During your interview I will give you a tour of my home and an introduction to how I run my program.  I love questions so please ask anything you have questions about.   This is a chance for you to get to know me as a childcare provider better.  

All parents and/or legal guardians as well as all children that may be enrolled must be present during this time.  This is an opportunity for me to get to know your children and family and to discuss and confirm your childcare needs.  It is also a great opportunity for your child to meet me and see the space so that if your child joins our group your child will already be familiar with me and surrounding in the hope that they will feel more comfortable.  If all of the important decision makers and children cannot attend the scheduled interview I will reschedule the interview to a day when all can attend.

NOTE:  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having all of the important decision makers attend this interview.  I previously have had the unfortunate experience of having one adult attend the interview and absolutely love my daycare and sign a contract only to later have friction with another adult who is not as excited over the child care situation.  This makes for a VERY stressful relationship for me and your family!!  Please make sure that the child, both parents and/or all guardians as well as any other important decision-makers (important family members who's opinion carries weight in your decision making and/or if they may be picking up or dropping your child off) attend the interview.  

At minimum, if the child and both parents/guardians are unable to attend the interview it will be rescheduled, no exceptions.

#3.  Play Date

After the interview we will schedule a time for one parent and your child/ren to return during daycare hours for a short play date approximately 30-45 minutes long.  This is an opportunity for your child to see me again which is a great chance to become more comfortable around me.  Your child will also get a chance to meet the other daycare children and to explore the space.  You, the adult, will have an opportunity to see how I interact with the children and to see how your child does in the new environment. 

It is important that not only you, as a parent, feel comfortable with my daycare but that your child feel comfortable in the environment, with me and with the other children.  It is also important that the other daycare children feel comfortable with your child and that there is a goodness of fit overall for everyone involved.  

After this playdate and if the goodness of fits seems to work well all around you will be emailed an enrollment packet (Parent Packet) so that you can look over the contract and policies.  Please ask any questions!

#4.  Read the Contract & Policies

Once you made the decision to to have your child join our group you can either pick up a Parent Packet or it can be emailed to you (or you can download the forms here) and print them at home.  

This packet has all of the required forms necessary to enroll your child into the daycare.


Please take your time to read and understand my Policies before filling out and signing any forms!  

The Policies have been created for the safety of the children and to help us create a great parent/provider relationship.

It is important for me that you understand that I am not your employee, I am a business owner.  I run a business with policies that are meant to be followed in order to create a positive partnership between you and I.  You as the parent must decide whether you agree with those policies, whether the daycare meets your needs and whether or not to enroll.  

Read all of the documents in the Parent Packet and fill out all of the forms except for the contact and contracted schedule form.  These will be reviewed by us together and signed later. 

#5.  Return All Requirements

You must return all of the necessary forms, supplies and payments before I can assume the responsibility of caring for your child.  Once your Parent Packet is complete and you have gathered all necessary supplies you can schedule a time for us to meet to go over the packet and to turn in your supplies.  I provide much of what your child will need throughout the day but some supplies are provided from home.   During this meeting I will review your forms and, if everything is complete, your child will be ready to join our group!

Here is a list of what you'll need to turn in:

Parent Packet

Filled out and completed:

  • Identification & Emergency Information Form
  • Notification of Parent’s Rights
  • Parent Notification of Additional Children in Care
  • Consent for Medical Treatment
  • Enrollment Form
  • Authorization for the Application of Topical Products
  • About Me Form (for child)
  • Permission to Photograph
  • Permission for Vehicle Transportation


  • Payment for the first week of care
  • $400 non-refundable security fee (used to pay your final two weeks of child care upon cancellation of the contract)
  • $100/wk non-refundable holding fee (only if not starting within one week

Other Documents

  • Up-to-date immunization records for each child
  • Birth certificate to verify guardianship
  • ID/Driver's license to verify guardianship 
  • Copy of the most current child custody court order dictating custody or visitation (if applicable)


Infants & Toddlers (0-2 years)

  • 2 bottles & nipples
  • 3 complete changes of clothing
  • frozen breast milk or formula (a minimum of one week’s supply must be on hand at all times)
  • Security item (pacifier, lovey)
  • 1 sleep sack for children under 12 months
  • 1 Package of diapers (replaced when necessary)
  • 1 package of wet wipes (replaced when necessary)

Preschool Age (3-5 years)

  • 2 complete changes of clothing
  • A sweater or jacket
  • 1 package of wet wipes (replaced when necessary)
  • 1 package of diapers or training pants (if non-toilet trained)
  • Good walking/running shoes (NO Crocs or open toes)

All extra clothing must be appropriate for the weather. 

A complete change of clothing for warm weather consists of:

  • Light jacket/sweater
  • Short sleeved shirt/onesie
  • Lightweight pants/shorts
  • Socks
  • Hat appropriate for weather
  • Underwear (if toilet trained)

A complete change of clothing for cold weather consists of:

  • Heavy & warm jacket/sweater
  • Long sleeved shirt/onesie
  • Warm pants
  • Socks
  • Hat appropriate for weather
  • Underwear (if toilet trained)