Program Overview

My family child care (daycare) program promotes the healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschool children in a caring, nurturing environment. I strive to support children's early learning with practices and activities designed specifically for the broad age-range of children in the group. 

Every part of my family day care program is planned to help children be free to explore.  I have child-size furniture and toys & materials are kept within child height to provide them with easy access.  I also provide developmentally appropriate learning activities. 

It is a goal of mine to provide quality child care set by guidelines of various resources:


I provide a self-planned curriculum.  Children ages 3 through 5 years get the "meat and potatoes" of the curriculum however toddlers 18 months through 2 years and babies 4 through 18 months old also use the same curriculum which is modified and simplified to fit their developmental timetable and skill set.  

My curriculum is filled with fun hands-on activities, art, crafts, and early literacy experiences.  This curriculum is developed to ensure that children would be introduced to necessary skills and concepts needed in school. 

The older they are the more complex and challenging the activities are.  Typically the group will do the same activity as a whole and the activity is simplified for the younger babies and toddlers.  The older the child the more the focus of the activity will be directed to working on a task (cutting, pasting, counting etc), the younger they are the more the focus is directed towards sensory and exploration during activities.  

My curriculum strives to provide quality child care and to achieve this I:
  • Use milestone guidelines from the CA Learning Foundations
  • Use the guidelines in the Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale 
  • Conduct self-assessed evaluations to improve my program
  • Strive to create successful partnerships with families
  • Use an abundance of resources to help develop a well-rounded program
  • Use flexible routines and schedules
  • Conduct assessments to evaluate the development of the children

Information about curriculum for a specific age:  COMING SOON





A lot of what we do at daycare is play based ... and that's a GOOD thing!

Regular active play helps babies and children to develop a lifelong habit of daily exercise and life skills such as:
  • communication and social skills
  • an understanding of social rules
  • friendships
  • a sense of "give and take"
  • patience and perseverance
  • an understanding of others
  • teamwork and a sense of belonging

Follow the link below to see some examples of what we do and we learn from Play.

Early Literacy

As an early childhood professionals I recognize the importance of language and early literacy.  Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, higher graduation rates and enhanced productivity in adult life.

Click below for more information about how I encourage early literacy: